Core Values

The core values of the E5 program consist of being Intelligent, Hard Working, Committed, Disciplined & a Team Player.

Core Values


The E5 program is designed for intelligent individuals looking to expand their knowledge base.  By gaining understanding of the electrical industry, you will further your intelligence and find greater success. 

Hard Worker:

Hard workers are the key component of the E5 program.  As you go through classroom training and on the job experience, working hard is the only option. 


With the E5 program, you will be committed to your future.  Committed individuals will work hard and use their minds to succeed in the electrical industry. 


If you are disciplined in your pursuits, the E5 program is perfect for you.  Designed for disciplined individuals willing to put in the hard work to become an experienced expert, this program helps you stay focused on reaching your goals. 

Team Player:

The E5 program chooses individuals who are team players.  From your classroom training to your working experience, it is crucial to be a team player for the good of the electrical industry.