e5 Companies

The e5 program has a great relationship with the companies below who are ready to talk with you about scholarship & job placement opportunities.

e5 Companies

Hargrove Electric Co

Hargrove Electric Co, Inc.

Specializing in hi-tech commercial, institutional, and industrial installations, Hargrove Electric has provided stability during its 36 year history. No project has gone uncompleted, for any reason, ever!

With a solid history, a firm grounding in the present, and an eye on the future technology - Hargrove Electric is at the forefront of electrical engineering and maintenance.

The future is now - as the company combines old-fashioned work values with state-of-the art technology and affordable excellence for the benefit of its clients.

Humphrey & Associates

Humphrey & Associates, Inc.

Family Owned & Operated Since 1977

Humphrey & Associates is a family-owned business, but it's not a small player. The management team considers the 350 "associates/employees" to be its most valuable asset. The board of directors and a managing executive committee of seven vice presidents and branch managers have an average tenure of 25 years together, a highly unusual benefit in the construction industry. With an average employment of eight years for the rest of the associates, and employing several second-generation members of long-employed families, staff satisfaction is translated into a reliable, highly skilled team.

JBI Electrical Systems

JBI Electrical Systems, Inc.

JBI Electrical Systems, Inc. has been providing electrical contracting services in the DFW area since 1989. Jacky D. Martin as Owner/President of JBI has been instrumental in the growth of the company as well as earning the respect of our customers. Being licensed in Arizona, California, Colorado, Louisiana, and New Mexico as well as Texas has enabled JBI to serve our customers on a broader scale, and JDM Electrical, Inc., our sister company, is licensed to work in Oklahoma and Arkansas. Our multi-skilled staff has enabled JBI to grow into one of the largest contractors in the state. We offer a 24-hour Service department as well as a Data department for all your voice and data networking needs.

Our Safety Department is proactive in training the entire workforce to ensure the health and safety of our employees as well as the environment.

JBI believes in comprehensive training for our apprentices and the continuing education for our electricians.