e5 Program

The e5 Program is appealing to students who are looking to pursue a career as well as the parents and counselors that are wanting the best for their students.


Testimonials from school counselors

When you meet with students to discuss their future, you now have a variety of options.  The E5 program is designed to help counselors provide students with an array of available paths to choice from.  After the final buzzer sounds, it can be difficult to move forward into a career path.  Help students make an educated decision on all that the future holds by including the E5 program into their available options.  

The E5 program presents an option to students looking at a specific trade.  While some will use this program as a stepping stone to college, others will view the E5 program as an opportunity to start directly into a notably career.  Still, others will use this program as an alternative to college, providing them with knowledge on a specific trade.  

With so many views on the E5 program helps counselors to help students.  As each student who enters your office has different strengths, the E5 program will allow you to help students looking to specialize in the electrical industry.  From the education students receive to the experience they gain, by providing your students with information on the E5 program, you are helping shape students into driven, successful individuals.