e5 Program

The e5 Program is appealing to students who are looking to pursue a career as well as the parents and counselors that are wanting the best for their students.


Ensuring your children have a stable future can be a worrisome and tedious task.  The E5 program is designed to make the transition from high school to a lasting career as smooth as possible.  If you are looking for a safe environment for your child to get an education without the burden of debt, the E5 program is the perfect solution.  While working hard in the electrical trade, individuals will go through training in the classroom setting to gain discipline and commitment for a bright future.  Stepping into the workplace, they will earn a living, displaying hard work and intelligence, and be a team player in work and school setting.  

Building values that last long after schooling, the E5 program does more than provide a means of survival; it equips students with a solid set of values to live by in and out of the workplace.  By showing support of your child’s decision to join the E5 family, you will be able to relax from the threat of debt and dropouts.  The success rate of E5 students proves to be… Rest assure, with the E5 program, your child receives a rounded education and experience to succeed in the electrical industry.