e5 Program

The e5 Program is appealing to students who are looking to pursue a career as well as the parents and counselors that are wanting the best for their students.


Are you ready to earn a living while still going to school?  If you are a student looking for direction for your future, consider the E5 program.  With a variety of options, you can receive an education and training, while making money in a hands-on environment.  

The E5 program is designed for students looking for an alternative to college, those looking to specialize in the electrical trade, and those looking for a stable stepping stone to college.  As you gain experience on the field, you will be placed in classroom training for a rounded education.  Through the E5 program, you can make money while going through school.  

Just because you graduate doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to a team atmosphere.  Step off the field and onto your career path.  When you join the E5 program, you join a team of motivated individuals looking to advance in the electrical industry.  Take pride in your future.  The E5 program allows you make money while learning your trade.  When you finish your training, you’ll make significantly more money than those who go to school for four years.

Not ready to say goodbye to college?  Use the E5 program as a stepping stone.  Gain experience and earn a living, while preparing for college.  Choose the path that leads you to a steady, constant income.  The E5 program allows you to do what you love from day one.  By the end of the apprenticeship, you will have years of experience and knowledge to take you anywhere you want to go.