e5 Program

The e5 Program is appealing to students who are looking to pursue a career as well as the parents and counselors that are wanting the best for their students.


Below are a few testimonials that we have received throughout the duration of the E5 scholarship program.  We will be updating this section as the seasons go by and we receive additional feedback.  Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about the program!

"This is definitely something we would be interested in. Our construction program is growing greatly over the next few years. Thanks for the opportunity."

Justin M.
ACE Coordinator, MacArthur High School

"I think this is a wonderful opportunity for our students to get training and a job without the worry of "How to pay for schooling." Packaging the income and schooling into a scholarship is brilliant! This should get you some really outstanding Electricians, and my students a wonderful career. Thanks for your part in making this program happen."

Sally W.
Counselor, North Garland High School

"I wanted to personally thank you for extending the time for us to obtain some additional applications for the E5 scholarship. Thanks again and please keep in touch."

Annie P.
Counselor, The Colony High School

"Thank you for taking your time to visit our program & school to reinforce this awesome opportunity for students to apply to the E5 Scholarship. Some days I feel like the teacher on Charles Schulz's Peanuts "wah, wah, wa, wha , wha wha . . . " But, When contacts like yourself, direct from the industry, come in and reinforce what I've been trying to show, teach, encourage them to understand- it makes an impact. For this, I am truly grateful. We've got some amazing young men & women in our program, I hope that they will apply! Your time is valuable, and I respect your investment in the E5 Scholarship Opportunity and in our students. Thank you! I look forward to awarding a scholarship to a Ben Barber student this Spring!"

Gene S
Instructor, Architecture & Construction - Ben Barber Career Tech Academy