e5 vs. College

The e5 program provides a great career alternative to college. Find out information about how you can start a lucrative career in the electrical industry.

e5 vs. College

Electrician Wages

The information in this section provides an analysis of the projected earning wages over 30 years for a participant in the E5 Scholarship program versus graduates with a 4-year degree from both public and private colleges . Projected earnings are also provided for persons with no college degree. The analysis takes into consideration average accumulated debt incurred for student loans associated with obtaining a 4-year degree education.


Percentage of students who do not receive a 4-year college degree.


The average student load debt of a graduate from a four year public college.


The amount of debt of a graduate from the E5 Scholarship Program as an apprentice.


30 yr. earnings less dollars spent on college for E5 Graduates
$1,529,095 - 30 yr. earnings of Four year public college graduate
$889,980 - 30 yr. earnings of Students with no college