e5 Scholarship Program

Needing a one line sentence to describe the scholarships. 


For years you've been part of a winning team! What's going to happen when the final buzzer sounds and there's no more touchdowns to score?

The answer is E5 Electrical Contractors. They provide scholarships to team oriented high school graduates like you! All the education and training you need is provided, all while making money in a hands-on, fast paced job. Just like your sports team, E5 is the same atmosphere you're used to, one that can help you succeed as you begin your career in the electrical field.

With E5 you actually make money working and learning the craft. You'll be out working for a high-powered company while spending a few hours a week training for your electrical industry license.

Along with exceptional education, graduates of the program earn salaries that are competitive with typical entry level jobs offered to college graduates with a four year degree! Other benefits include scheduled pay raises, bonuses, paid vacations, travel, health plans, and retirement plans.

E5 Stands for - Intelligent, Hard Worker, Committed, Disciplined, Team Player.

Contact us now for more information or to be considered for enrollment in the E5 Scholarship Program.